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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy North London


My main style is to provide people with tools to deal with personal problems. I am an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I am also an accredited Personal Construct Therapist. I am a senior accredited Counsellor and as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist I tend to see myself as providing a wide support for a number of problems and disorders. [See 'qualifications'Tap Here].

However, it isnt only the techniques and skills which matter and I hope that I provide a sort of encouragement to people to experiment and discover their own power.

On this site, I hope to give the usual descriptions which you will want about a practitioner but I also throw in, as asides in the writing, a number of ideas which I use in Therapy Tap Here. I hope that you can from here gain some places to look further or, if I am potentially able to help, then an easy way to see if I might be able to help you in your plans.

Under "Consulting"Tap HereI describe some of the things which people consult about and some the ways which seem to work in responding their concerns.

People reach me:

  • from the Yellow Pages,
  • from the Internet like yourselves,
  • from the hearsay of friends and relatives who have had contact with me,
  • from other professionals such as Doctors,
  • from the organisations' web sites on which I am registered
  • also from firms who have an employee they want to help.

    You may be approaching this site because you found the link in one of the categories above.

    What you can find on this site?

    There are a few details about Dennis himself but there are also details about therapies and ideasTap Here. There are some things which describe Dennis' style in relation to how therapists do thingsTap Here. You will also find practical details about how to make contact and what to expect over the telephoneTap Here.

    As a general rule, using a Search Engines [particularly Google] with some Key Words may bring things which stimulate and give a sense of the area. Some of the pages therefore list just a few key words to look upTap Here. I hope you will find the site useful and that there are some general links of use even if you don't come near me! And yes, you'll find a photo of me on one of the pages!

    If you would like to contact then Tap Here here and allow a little time!

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